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Reference Links

  1. Metric Conversion Forum - The best online metric conversion site Length, Area, Volume/Capacity, Mass (weight) and Temperature. Surprisingly very handy for kilns, and jewellery making.

  2. Wire Gauge Conversion Chart - great for jewellery making references.

Setting up a Business

  1. Gryphon Scribes - Business Card Design - highly recommend for brilliant logo's, web page banners and business cards. Great value for money and the work is tailored to your requirements.

Glass Beading Chat Forums

  1. Beading Forum dot com dot au - Focusing on beading, lampworkging and a great feast of bead related topics (a login is required).

  2. Glass Bead Makers - predominately Australian beaders.

  3. Yahoo - predominately Australian beaders with an increasing international beading base (a login is required).

  4. Wet Canvas - the biggest online reference site for glass beading. While its hosted in the US, a lot of Australian and New Zealand beaders also use the site.

  5. Glass Lampwork Artist - predominately US beaders.

  6. Glass  Lampworker's Discussion Group - predominately US beaders. Focus is more on Boro glass and sculptural pieces.

Glass Fusing Chat Forums

  1. Warm Glass - the biggest online reference site for fusing.

Australian and New Zealand Lampworking Beader's

  1. Jenny Findlay - Beads and Jewellery by Jenn

  2. Bev Butler - Beautifully handcrafted glass beads

  3. Jan Cahill - Beads and jewellery by Jan Cahill

  4. DKS Lampworking - Beads by Denise Smith

  5. Well Strung - Beads and Jewellery by Len and Bernadette McFadden.

  6. Kimmyg - Beads, jewellery supplies and jewellery by Kim Griffith and a number of other Australian Artists.

  7. Realisation Creations - Beads and jewellery by Natalia Bondarenko

  8. Glass2Enchant and MALA lampworks - Beads by Michelle and Lee Blackmore 

  9. AsKoruBeads - Beads by Astrid

  10. Beaded Flower Garden - Beads by Natalie Song

  11. Debbie Does Beads - Beads and jewellery by Debbie Lewis

Australian Silver Clay Artist 

  1. Silver Clay Art - Our very own Maggie Bergman, is now teaching Silver Art Clay. 

Prominent International Beader's

  1. Michael Barley

  2. Lezlie Belanger

  3. Caswell Studios - brilliant critter beads

  4. Diana East

  5. Leah Fairbanks

  6. Kate Fowle Meleney

  7. Michelle Hershman

  8. Kim Neely - Bluff Road Art Glass

  9. Sharon Peters - brilliant critter beads

  10. Lori Peterson

  11. Eric Rader

  12. Corina Tettinger

  13. Tillerman beads by Mike Poole


  1. International Society of Glass Beadmakers

  2. Creative Glass Guild in Queensland

  3. Australian Glass Beadermaker's Guild

Glass sites

  1. Bullseye Glass Company

  2. Effetre Glass Company

  3. CBS dichroic glass Company

  4. Dichromagic glass company

  5. Schott Glass

Torch Manufacturers

  1. National Torches

  2. Bethlehem Torches

  3. Glass Torch Technologies

Jewellery Suppliers

  1. Walsh Brothers Charms Chains and Clocks English jewellery shop with a wide range

and international delivery.


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