Creating Stripe Beads by Lorri Anderson 

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Step 1. After creating a base bead (refer to Base Bead Tutorial), take your Evil Dark Purple Stringer (refer to Making Stringer Tutorial)
Step 2. Lightly heat your stringer.
Step 3. Swipe the stringer from left to right. 
Step 4. Continue to add swipes equidistant around the bead surface until the surface is covered.
Step 5. Lightly heat the stringer to ensure it adheres to the glass. The more you heat the glass the flatter the stringer will be on the bead until it is flush with the surface. Some people like their designs to sit above the bead. To achieve this heat, until the stringer has adhered to the bead only. 

With a graphite paddle or the flat end of your tweezers, gently push any stringer ends into the ends of your bead to tidy up the edges.

Step 6. As with your spacer bead, take the bead out of the heat once satisfied with the end result. Count to 5 and place the bead into your pot of vermiculite.



 September 2004     

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