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  1. Creating a spacer or base bead

  2. Placing Cubic Zirconias into beads

  3. Ideas for using Evil Dark Purple by Lorri Anderson.

Silver Tutorials from other Sites:

  1. Cuttlebone Casting created by Steve & Susie Wright

Lampworking Tutorials from other sites:

  1. Basic Round Bead created by Jim Smircich

  2. Tab Bead by Bill Brach

  3. Combed and Raised Bead created by Jim Smircich

  4. Dot placement by Christine of Kiki Beads

  5. Encasing by Mary Lockward

  6. Spiral Wrap by Alex & Jocelyn Pappadakis

  7. Floating Bubble by Alex & Jocelyn Pappadakis

  8. Plunged Dot by Kimberly Stark

  9. Leaf Beads by Barbara Caraway

  10. Striped Beads created by Melinda Melanson

  11. Subtle Stripes by Corina Tettinger

  12. Triangle Beads created by Mary Guay

  13. Triangle Beads by Christine of Kiki Beads

  14. Harlequin Bead by Melinda Melanson

  15. The Large Dot Beads by Jodie Price

  16. Star Bead by Virginia 

  17. Bird by Mike Marsh

  18. Copper Foil or Leaf by Mary

  19. Colour Mixing with Effetre (Moretti) curtsey of Kay Powell

  20. Colour layering effects with Effetre (Moretti) curtsey of Kay Powell

  21. Raised Flower Bead by Melinda Melanson

  22. Flower Beads by Kim Miles

  23. Ruffle Beads by Jodie Price

  24. Puffy Hearts by Jinx Garza

  25. Twisted Heart by Jennifer Geldard

  26. Blooming Beads by Lauri Copeland

  27. Kidlet Beads by Lori Peterson

  28. Fish Beads created by Sharon Peters

  29. Cat Beads by Bazzie 

  30. Duck Bead by Lori Peterson

  31. Hollow Beads created by Andie.

  32. Vessels by Liz Kuhns and Heidianneliesa Brodersen

  33. Vessel Beads by Jodie Price

  34. Wire Wrapping your Vessel Beads by Jodie Price

  35. Encasing by Mary Lockwood

  36. Encasing by Christine of Kiki Beads

  37. Landscape Beads by Mona Gollan

  38. Ruby Gold and Silvered Beads by Allison Turner

  39. Silver Tracery Effect by Jim Smircich

  40. Snakeskin Beads by Lauri Copeland

  41. Making your own Frit by Arrowsprings

  42. Making your own Stringer by Kimberly Stark

  43. Silvered Ivory by Melinda Melanson

  44. Silvered Ivory by Christine of Kiki Beads

  45. Twisted Stringer by Corina Tettinger

  46. Latticcino or Twisted Stringer by Steve & Susie Wright

  47. Latticcino or Twisted Stringer by Kate Drew-Wilkinson

  48. Lollipop Stringer by Mona Gollan

  49. Twisties from Sheet Glass by Linda James

  50. Pulling Stringer from Reduction Glass Large Chunks created by Valerie Cox

  51. Flower Stamen Stringer by Bill Brachhold

  52. Creating Petal Canes by Marie-Claude Chapman

  53. Simple Flowers by Hillside Garden Art Studio NEW

  54. Pulling Rods & Stringers from Sheet Glass created by Valerie Cox

  55. Murrini by Chris and Lissa Juedemann

  56. Murrini by Corina Tettinger

  57. Mushroom Pendants by Emily (NZ)

  58. Implosion Beads by Mary 

  59. Tea Staining Alternatives by Kay Powell

  60. Skull Bead in Boro by Mike Edmondson

  61. Glass Pens by Arrowsprings

  62. Fumed Pomegranate by Lauri Copeland

  63. Zebra Print Bicone Beads by Beth Boal

  64. Goddess Bead by Sarah Schalken 

  65. Etching your beads by Etchall

  66. Electroforming Tips by Kate Fowle Meleney

  67. Electroforming on Beads by Kate Fowle Meleney

  68. Enamels and How to Use them by  Laura Brito

  69. Painting your Beads by Deborah Read

  70. Lentils by ChristyLDesigns with a bead press

  71. Lentils by Maureen Kennedy with graphite moulds

  72. Moretti Colour Combinations by mixed contributors

  73. Boro Dragonfly by Mike Marsh

  74. Boro Dragon by Mike Marsh

  75. Hummingbird by Mike Marsh

  76. Elephant by Mike Marsh

  77. Elephant by Mike Marsh


Warm Glass Tutorials from other sites:

  1. Using Copper Foil in Fusing by Linda James

  2. Using Silver Foil in Fusing by Linda James

  3. Turning Beads into Cabs by Bethany Adams

  4. Enamel Bead Making by Pam East

  5. Dichroic Pendants by Cil Bullard

Stain Glass Tutorials from other sites:

  1. Copper Foil Construction by Baubles by Nancy

  2. Kaleidoscope by Baubles by Nancy

Photography and Other interesting Tips:

  1. Photographing Beads by Lori Greenberg

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