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Sterling Silver Jewellery Findings


Lobster Claws:  Small 10.5x5.5 mm, 0.3g

CODE: C00001

Small and extra large shown


Medium 11x6 mm 0.4g

Code: J0071


Large 13x7 mm 0.5g   

Code: J0072


Extra Large 15x8 mm 0.8g  

Code: J0030


24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Lobster Claws: 

Small 0.3g 10.5x5.5mm  

Code: J0068 OUT OF STOCK


Medium 0.8g 15x8mm   

Code: J0069


Large 1.1g 20x10mm  

Code: J0070


Spring Clasp:

Extra Small J0032


Small J0060


Medium J0062


Large J0061


Clasp: 25x7mm 0.7g 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver.  

Code: Clasp Gold


Clasp: 30x9mm 1.7g  

Code: Clasp 2


Clasp: 12x10.5mm 1.0g  

Code: Clasp 3


Clasp: 28x7mm

Code: Clasp 7


Clasp: Clasp Flower and Leaf Hook 36mm in length

Code: Clasp 9


Clasp: Clasp 48x9mm

Code: Clasp 10


Toggle: 14 mm

Code: T001


Toggle:  4.0g 10mm diameter  

Code: T002 



Toggle:   2.6g 13mm diameter  

Code: T004 


Toggle:   2.2g 13mm diameter  

Code: T005 


Toggle:  11mm outside diameter with 8.5mm inside

Code: T007     


Toggle:   3.3g 15mm   

Code: T009 


Toggle:   0.9g 9mm diameter  - tiny pieces for delicate work or for children's pieces

Code: T010s


Toggle:   2.1g 12mm diameter  

Code: T011 


Toggle:    4.4g  16mm outside 

Code: T014  


Toggle:   1.9g 12mm diameter  

Code: T015V 


Toggle:   6.8g 47x17mm diameter  

Code: T017 


Toggle:   46x8 mm s clasp

Code: T018


Toggle:   1.4g 10mm diameter  

Code: T025A 


Toggle:  24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver 1.6g 11mm diameter 

Code: T025V 


Toggle:3.6g  22x14x2 mm  

Code:    T032R 




Loop diameter : 8.50 mm inside Loop diameter : 12 mm outside. The bar is domed on the face unlike T036 which is flat.

Code: T037


Toggle:   7.2g 18mm outside and 11mm inside diameter  

Code: T038


Toggle:   6.0g 18x25mm   

Code: T039


Toggle:   4.3g 15x15mm   

Code: T040


Toggle:   6g 17mm diameter  

Code: T041


Toggle:   5.8g 10 inside and 18mm outside diameter  

Code: T042 


Toggle:   1.2g 13mm diameter  

Code: T044 


Toggle:   14mm diameter

Code: T047


Toggle: 13mm diameter

Code: T052


Toggle:   5.1g 16.5mm diameter Bar: 3.5x25mm

Code: T057


Toggle:   3.8g 17x11mm

Code: T058


Toggle:   3.4g 27x17mm   

Code: T060


Toggle:   2.8g 14x14mm   

Code: T062 


Toggle:   2.4g 30x24 mm  Bar 15x20   

Code: T064


Toggle:   2.4g 32x15 mm Bar 15x22 mm

Code: T065


Toggle:   3.5g 65x15mm   

Code: T066


Toggle:  2.2g 19x17.5x1.5 mm

Code: T070



Toggle:  Loop: 22x18 mm Bar: 5x22mm

Code: T072


Toggle:  19mm outside 10 mm inside

Code: T073


Toggle:  107x20mm

Code: T075  


Toggle:  23x17mm

Code: T076


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